In English with English subtitles
Dir: Andreas M. Dalsgaard

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Gigantic systems of high-rise buildings and high ways. Humans who live their lives in separate concrete boxes. Life in the cities is modern and enchanting but how do we plan these cities in a way, which takes human behaviour into account? The revolutionary architect Jan Gehl and his colleagues are on a mission, they want to bring cities to life. They want to design the cities in a way, which takes sustainability and human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account. They want to free the cities from the invasion of cars and thereby create space for pedestrians and bikeways. There is a need to “reclaim public space”.

Jan Gehl focuses on the connection between the human created environments and the quality of life. This way of thinking is supported by architects and cityplanners from all over the world: From Copenhagen to Beijing, from Shanghai to New York, from Los Angeles to Melbourne and from Christchurch to Dhaka.

The film communicates Jan Gehl’s 40 years of work with city planning in both a Danish and an international context. The film visualizes the vision and potential of creating “life between buildings”. The Human Scale is an aesthetic experience: A science fiction documentary from a future, which is already present.

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